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Illya and Johanna,

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you and tell you how much I appreciate you both. I originally brought my girl Mia to you for your Saturday morning groups just for socialization and to have her learn some basic puppy training but it has been such a blessing and turned into so much more. As you know, my Mia is only 6 months old and we don’t consider her our dog, she is our baby and she is a part of our family. I don’t feel comfortable leaving her places or taking her around animals I don’t know. As soon as we got to the first group, she was shy and timid but it only took a few minutes for her to feel comfortable and loved by everyone. She continues to come to the Saturday morning classes and has amazed me at the way she is learning with the training skills of you and your team. I have to also say that I have learned so much from you Johanna about the breed, dogs in general and training. I truly amazed at the way the animals all respond and respect you. We are excited to see how far she can go and how much she learns working with you both and We are looking forward to seeing her in the shows. I learned you also have daycare and also boarding there, and now I can not ever even think of taking her anywhere else. She gets to come 2 times a week and I bring her only for the socialization with all the dogs and she now thinks of your home as her second home, and Johanna as her other mommy… She absolutely loves coming there and actually runs away from me when I come to pick her up as she wants to stay and play with all her friends. I know she gets all the love and attention at your facility as she does at home and that makes me feel good about leaving her. She comes home totally worn out from playing and I love getting the pictures and videos throughout the day to see what shes doing. Please feel free to give out my info to any prospective clients for reference as I would love to share with them.

Thank you again

Michele and Kendall Yeslinek, Mia's owners

Meet and greet went well with my Retrievers. I could tell they knew how to handle my nervous Goldens. I know when I need their services I can feel very comfortable leaving my babies with them.

Linda McClure Thompson, Karma and Enzo's owner

I am a proud owner of a Rottweiler. I bought her at 6 weeks old, a beautiful puppy. Here I would like to say that I have worked sheep dogs and was on sentry dogs in Korea, so I thought I was equipped to train this beauty. Well, at about 4 months I sent Sassy the beauty, to TOPLINE K9 SERVICES ( for one week. When she came home, she would come to a whistle or a voice command, sit, lay down, and heel. Sassy came back a lady. Sassy is 17 months old now, and she has had 3 more weeks of training, and has been shown by Illya in dog shows. We need 2 more points and Sassy will be listed as a champion. 

Don Yeager, Sassy's owner

Topline K9 Services, owned and operated by Illya Hardy and Johanna Barlund in Perris, CA. is top notch. The facility is located on 15 acres, which are cross fenced for safe dog hiking and after your poochie can swim, play and relax in their pool. They also have a separate grassy, fenced area for various types of training classes. We attended a class with our 2 RottN's Sage and Rena, and enjoyed the comraderie of the handlers and Illya's critiques and training tips were easy to understand and effective. He has a way with dogs, and we admire the way he and Johanna have opened their hearts and doors in support of rehabilitating dogs in need. This is an excellent facility with super owners. We had a great time and will visit again. 

Elizabeth Harrington, Sage and Rena's owner


What a great training session we had. Illya is one of those trainers that is one in a million. He has the gift that makes even the most stubborn dog want to please him. Even though I've owned Rotties for nearly 30 years and have always trained my animals to be polite and gentle guests, I picked up several techniqus from Illya that worked like magic! I would recommend Topline K9 Services and Illya and Johanna to anyone.

John Harrington

I took my 4 year old German Shepherd one session leash training. Changed my life. Took her on walk next morning, used the tools I was taught... NO PULLING AT ALL! I walked her for the 1st time in 4 years instead of her walking me! No yelling, pulling, getting upset, simple correction a few times, she was more alert and looked happier too! THANK YOU!!!

Joyce Ann, Owner

I have known Illya for 5 years, and Johanna for 2 years. We went hiking, horseback riding, and traveling together. Of course, the dogs were part of the pack on our trips and adventures. Illya and Johanna are very responsible, and 

always put the dogs' needs before their own. When I had to go to Europe for six months, I had no worries leaving Libra with them. She loves them!

Zita Peledaite, Libra's owner

I have owned Rotts for twenty-five years and I have finally found trainers that I completely trust with my dogs. Both of my current Rotties have been trained by Illya and they love him. This is NOT a trainer who keeps your dog in a kennel all day. They live with him and his wife as a family and learn all day. Mix that with group hikes and fun in the pool, and it's the perfect recipe for success.

Judith Rothweiler, King and Santos' owner

I can't say enough about Top line K9 services! Illya and Johanna are very professional and knowledgeable about the breed. They make you feel at home, but at the same time, drill you on areas that your dog needs work. Highly recommend them for training, swimming and boarding!

Beth Tavener Reagons, Yazmine's owner

This is my trainer and he's absolutely fantastic and so is his girlfriend Johanna:)They are not aggressive at all! They love their dogs. And their dogs are gorgeous, and they know what they're doing, and my dogs love them! Thank you lllya for all you do for my rotts. Best trainer I have ever had. If you're having any dog issues, this is the place to go.

Georgia Nicolet, Gunner and Harley's owner

My Vizsla mix had an issue with my boyfriend's son and Illya and Johanna came home to assess the situation and gave us his professional advice and me knowing my dog's personality, noticed right away Illya and Johanna knew how this breed was, and what was needed to train him the right way. Kobe (my V) spent three weeks at Topline K9 Services for behavior modification, and the treat he gave my V was beyond my expectations. I received often updates on how my V was doing and his pros and cons in the process. Today after three weeks of training I must say that I am impressed with what my V has accomplished in such a short time.


  • He now walks next to us

  • He checks in with us

  • Eye contact

  • Waits for direction

  • Way less impulsive than before 

  • He comes when you call him "Kobe come"

  • More confident

  • Less anxious....and the list keeps going.


Illya is at the tip of your finger for support when needed, just text and he and Johanna are there. Oh! Also, where in Riverside are you going to find a daycare that takes your dog for a hike?  NOWHERE. I give Topline K9 110%.

Isa Rios, Kobe's owner 

Illya is an awesome guy and a great trainer. I could not have asked for a better trainer to take the time to work with my Rotty. I wouldn't hesitate recommending Ilya as a first class trainer and providing a great place to board my dog!!

Tim Robinson, Koby's owner

Top care and excellent service is an understatement! Illya literally saved my pitbull from "death row" after he became dog aggressive and I had nowhere to turn! He gave Patton the confidence, taught him the obedience and lead him on a path to excellence! We trained last week at a dog park...A DOG PARK!!! I am forever in debt to Illya and Johanna for all the training and love that they have provided. And most importantly, for training be a better and more understanding owner! I cannot thank them enough!

Crystal Lewczak-Gecse, Patton's owner

I come here almost every weekend and I drive an hour to get here, and sometimes 2 hours to get home, but it's all worth it. Illya works very hard with my dogs, he cares for them and he gives me a lot of advice. If your dog need obedience, bite work , protection work, socialization or daycare services call Illya. Johanna is awesome too, very caring and a hard worker. I, Vom Bustos Hause, highly recommend Topline K9 Services 👍🏻.

Frank Bustos, Vom Bustos Hause

This place is one in a million. Doggie paradise. Boarding/Daycare doesn't get better than this. I don't know any other boarding place that provides so much variety as Topline. Johanna and Illya are amazing and care for every dog like their own.

Sassa Minnegren, Heart of Rescue

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