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Class structure

Group classes are held on Saturday mornings *8am-11am during the summer months, and 9am-12am during the winter months. The first 30-40 min are spent on socialization. Then we move on to obedience, and obedience with distractions training. This in turn is followed by either agility or/and protection training. The chosen activity, and its duration, largely depends on the need of the attending dogs. 

Our typical class size range between 5-10 participating dogs.

During class time, the trainer aims at providing as much individual support as possible throughout class. You will also discover that everyone here is very helpful and ready to assist when needed. In the event you would want more individual time with the trainer, we recommend setting up an

appointment for a private lesson. Another option is entering your dog in one of our customized boot camps, where both you and your dog get the most in depth training.


While we obviously take training seriously, our motto is for everyone to have fun while working with their dog. Sometimes we arrange competitions in agility, and other times we set up competitions where your dog's obedience skills are put to a test. It's all for good fun! In adding to the fun, we include photo opportunities with your dog during most holidays, and birthdays. We also have potluck barbecues by the pool some Saturdays right after training. 

class content


On any given Saturday, we work on a variety of disciplines such as:

  • basic, intermediate and advanced obedience

  • socialization

  • agility/obstacle course

  • protection

  • show training

  • rally obedience

  • Canine Good Citizen "CGC" prep training

  • BH (Obedience) prep for trial  


additional Training opportunities 

In the warm summer months, class participants like to swim their dogs in our pool at the end of class. During the cooler winter months, we sometimes go on group hikes here in the beautiful mountains of Lake Mathews. We also conduct off site classes in the form of outings to various places such as local parks, pet stores, Home Depot, Lowes, Brass Pro Shop, outdoor malls, airports and basically any place that welcomes dogs. These extracurricular activities come at no additional cost. All are inclusive of the class fee. 


Last but not least...

There's no advanced reservation needed; we just want you to notify us of your planned participation. In addition, while no prior training experience is necessary, we do require an initial free evaluation of your dog before its first class appearance. Lastly, your dog needs to be healthy and up to date on its vaccines (we accept titers too). Price per Saturday is $40/dog.


*In the event of extreme heat, class can be canceled or run a little shorter than normal.  

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