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Before your dog's first day here at the Lake Mathews property, we recommend a meet and greet visit. We want you (family and friends are welcome too!), and your dog to come meet us and our pack. We believe that a meet and greet is important for everyone, so we can determine if our place is the right fit for your canine. During your visit, we will take you around to see the grounds, and talk more about your dog's specific needs and routines. The more information you can share with us about your dog, the better. When you bring your dog to us for boarding, he/she becomes part of our family! 


Topline K9 Services boarding rates:


  • 10x5 kennels at $100/night/dog. 

  • For more than one dog, second dog gets 50% off if they share one of our larger kennels.


Boarding includes four daily breaks with a mix of free, supervised run on fenced 2.5 acres, individual play on the lawn, group play with compatible dogs, and swimming*.  ​


At no point do we keep any dogs in crates. The only time we crate a dog is during transportation, or if we crate train a dog per request from owner.  

To think about before arrival

If this will be your dog's first stay with us, plan to arrive in good time before your appointment as you will need to fill out some paperwork. The paperwork can also be emailed in advance upon request. We prefer, but do not require, for you and your dog(s) to come for a short visit before their actual stay. Then we get to meet you and get to know your dog. More importantly, your dog gets acquainted with us, and becomes familiar with our place. 


To prepare your dog for a successful stay with us, he/she needs to be overall healthy, present a recent negative parasite result, which can be easily obtained by leaving a fresh fecal sample at your vet. Your dog also needs be up to date on shots, including being current on rabies vaccine (we accept titer tests). In addition, we have trees and grass on our property, so your dog will need to be protected against ticks and fleas. 

Check List

  • Filled out paperwork

  • Vaccine/Titer Documentation including Rabies

  • Documentation with recent negative parasite results

  • Enough food for entire stay plus 1 extra day (in case of delayed pick up)

  • Feeding Instructions

  • Favorite Treats

  • Bed

  • Favorite Toys

  • Benebone/Nylabone/Bully Sticks or the like

  • Life Jacket (for swim lessons or if the dog needs one when swimming)   


*if your dog likes and knows how to swim. Extra charge applies for swimming lessons. Inquire prior to stay.

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